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Boa User Guide

What is the purpose of Boa?

Boa is a networking platform for business owners designed to make it easier for you to tap into the power of the collective and grow your business owners’ network.

You can use Boa to grow your personal profile, access advice and support, connect with new clients, grow as an entrepreneur and build new business relationships. Or simply enjoy a newsfeed and event schedule full of engaging and valuable content from the business community.

How Does Boa differ from other social media platforms?

Facebook is the social network, LinkedIn is the professional/employee network, Boa is your business owners’ network. Boa is a safe place where you can discuss the things that matter to you as an owner, connect with others in the same position and tap into the power of the collective. Simplifying the way business owners connect, find support and grow.

What to post on Boa

Posting on Boa is a great way to grow your profile and following, resulting in a stronger network and better community support.

On Boa you can post questions to the entire community and watch as you receive support from fellow business owners.

Posting on the newsfeed

Examples of posts can include:

  • Asking for advice & help
  • Asking for recommendations or opinions
  • Boa related content and success stories
  • Or simply starting a discussion on a relevant topic

Your posts will show on the “following” newsfeed of everyone that follows you and by the entire Boa community in the “explore” feed.

Posting into communities

Each community has its own rules and posting guidelines which are upheld by community admins and moderators. Some communities are topical and have specific post themes, for example “Book club” in which you share valuable quotes or lessons from books you are reading. Others are geographical or industry based which may have a broader posting guideline.

  • Joining communities along with following people is the fastest way to fill your feed with valuable and entertaining content.
  • Boa is a platform and community FOR BUSINESS OWNERS ONLY so we encourage you to be authentic, have discussions and ask the questions that may not be suitable on other platforms.

How do I build my profile and gain followers?

The best way to build your profile and gain followers on Boa is by posting high value and engaging posts to your followers and within communities.

Posting to your followers will show in the “for you” feed of your followers and will be visible by all Boa users on the “trending” feed which is ranked by post engagement. People can then follow you from the trending feed to move your content into their main feed.

Joining and being an active member of multiple communities is the fastest way to gain exposure to the network.

Simply choose and join the communities relevant to you, become familiar with the community post guidelines found on the community page and be a valuable member by posting regularly and engaging in the posts of other members.

Your posts within communities will show on the “for you” page of all other community members.

Other ways to gain followers and grow your network include:

  • Attending events
  • Searching and messaging people
  • Commenting and engaging on people’s posts
  • Following other users
  • Upgrading to premium

Upgrading to premium is the most powerful way to gain exposure and grow your network. Premium users are verified business owners who benefit from advanced features including amplified post reach, ability to create communities and host events and other powerful features.

What are Boa communities and how do they work?

Community is at the heart of Boa and everything we do. While our entire user-base is a community, we make it easier to connect with people most relevant to you through Boa sub-Communities.

You are able to join different sub communities on boa. These sub communities enable you to connect and grow your network with people you have something in common with whether that be your location, industry, interest and more.

Each community has its own post guidelines and is moderated by community admin. Communities also host events that bring members together, making communities a great way to build new relationships and grow your network. Posts within communities will appear on the “for you” feed of all community members making communities a powerful way to build your profile and following. Communities can be either public or private with private communities requiring the admin to approve a new member.

Premium users are able to create, grow and manage their own communities.

Can I create my own community on Boa?

Only premium users can create communities on Boa. You can do so by pressing the new community icon at the top right of the community page.


Why Would I create a Boa community?

Creating a community on boa can be a powerful tool for you and your business, putting you at the centre of a network and lead to additional relationships, support and new business opportunities. Boa works directly with community owners to assist them in building a thriving community.


What types of communities can I create?

As a premium user you are able to create all sorts of communities ranging from small private or large public communities that bring people together or enable valuable content and connection.

Communities can be:

  • Public or private (Private communities require new members to be accepted by the community admin)
  • Location based or digital (create a local community and expand your network with people around you or scale a digital community)
  • Networking or Content based (Create a community whose users either generate or appreciate content on a specific topic or one based on the purpose of networking and connection amongst members.

Ideas for communities can include:

  • Create a small private community for your existing friends/community in business and make it easier to stay connected and organise catch ups.
  • Create topic-based communities such as “annoying staff problems” “famous business quotes” “great marketing” or anything else and facilitate engaging and valuable content.
  • Create a local community and organise regular events to bring members together for networking
  • Create an industry-based or niche community to foster support and networking amongst like-minded peers
  • And more!

Being a community owner Puts you in a powerful position at the centre of a network.


How do I grow my community?

  1. Ensure your community is active

The best way to grow your community is to ensure it is active. Communities that have the most posts and post engagement will be promoted to new users of the platform and be more appealing to join to users searching the community page.

  1. Host events

If your community is public hosting events is another powerful way to gain community exposure as all events from public communities will show on the event page of the app. in order to rsvp users will have to join your community.

  1. Invite Boa users

You are able to invite users on Boa to your community by pressing the “invite friend” button within the community page. You are able to search for the people you would like to invite using name, location and industry.

  1. Invite non-Boa users

You are able to share your community via text or email to people who are not on Boa via the share button on the right side of the community page. By sharing the community, they will direct to a website that shows the community details and direct them to download the app to join.

  1. Encourage community members to invite

Encourage your community members to invite people by posting or by including text in the community details. Be sure to educate members on who to invite if there are any requirements or preferences.

Public vs private

Public communities

Public communities are open for people to join and events will be visible to all boa users in the events page. If you do not want to restrict who can join and grow the largest community possible then public is perfect.

Private communities

Private communities are visible on the community page however all new members must be approved by the community admin
Events hosted by private communities are only visible on the event page by members of that community.
If you are wanting to create a small private community for an existing friendship circle of group you are part of or just want to ensure that you grow a community for a very specific group of people then creating a private community is the way to go.

How do Boa events work?

As a user of Boa, you will gain access to in person and digital events to expand your network and up-skill as an entrepreneur. Boa events put you in the right room with the right people, enabling you to build new relationships and learn from other business owners.

RSVP and cancel

You are able to rsvp to an event from the event page and can choose to add the event into your calendar. If you are unable to attend an event it is essential that you cancel your rsvp 24 hours prior to the event as most events have capacities and require organisation from the host based on who is attending. Users who consistently rsvp and do not attend may be penalised by Boa and can lose the ability to rsvp to events.


Types of events

Boa Premium events

Boa hosts exclusive events for its premium users. To access these events, you must be a paid subscriber.

Boa events

Boa hosts events available to all users. These include digital networking and keynotes as well as in person events in major cities. Boa events often involve high profile entrepreneurs as keynotes or guests of honour.

Community events

Boa communities are able to host events that bring together their members. You must be a member of a community in order to rsvp to its events. Events hosted by public communities will be visible to all users on the events page. Events hosted by private communities will only be visible by members of that community.

Premium user events

Premium Boa users are able to host events for their followers. IF you follow a premium user who is hosting an event the event will be visible in your events page.